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My name is Cayla Ji, and I'm a Professional Photographer based in Bellevue, Washington. My mission is to capture love, light, and life through my lens, and try my best to convey and tell your story! I love altering pixels and sipping on tea; that's where amazing things can happen!

Photography is really a hobby, as I work for the City of Bellevue. My husband is a General Contractor, and we also work in Real Estate. We have four (yes four) pets:  French bulldog named Nala, a Shiba Inu named Miko, and two Holland Lops named Coco & Chai. 


I first touched a camera at the age of 15, and throughout Highschool and time at the University of Washington, I continued to shoot photos and take photography classes. At first, friends asked for their photos to be taken, and then their friends and acquaintances started to ask. Somehow, taking photos became a side gig! It's been amazing~! 

I'd love to hear your story, and capture the milestones and special people in your life. Let's chat!

-Cayla J.

Pixel & Tea


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