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Frequently Asked Questions
"What is your rate?"

The Investment Guide is available upon request. However, we would love to chat to get a better idea of what kind of coverage you need for your special day, and we can customize a package that works for you and your budget! The guide is simply a guide! Keep in mind that we keep our rates relatively low since photography is our passion, and not our main line of work and source of income. It truly is a passion, and getting compensation for it is really just a bonus! It also helps us feel a little less guilty when we splurge a couple thousand dollars on a lens alone. :)

"I don't know how to pose.
What can I do?

I hear you~ I'm certainly someone who can relate. (It's why I like being behind the camera instead of in front of it!) Try to think of it as something super simple: taking a picture is just capturing light. That's all it is! :) Of course it's my job to try to capture the most flattering images of you...but leave that to me! The most common response I receive after delivering an album is how shocked they are regarding how natural and relaxed they look. I'll guide you and tell you things like "Shift your weight to the other leg. Drop your shoulder. Chin down." I'll make micro adjustments, and sometimes tweak things in post production. Trust me, work with me, and watch amazing things happen! :) 

"When would we get our photos? Do we get the raw photos as well?"

Depending on how big of a shoot it is, we can have the images back to you within about 3 weeks. Sometimes, you might get them back sooner! It really depends. Please keep in mind that we don't use a one-click filter, or use an editing company. We don't send the image unless we believe it's a finished piece, and a reflection of our work. In terms of raw (unedited) images, we do not share those images with you. I view it as this. You wouldn't walk into a restaurant, ask to taste the food before it's finished, or after eating your meal, ask to take all of the other ingredients with you. As funny as that example might seem, raw images are truly ingredients before they turn into what we consider "art." :) Anyone can press a button, but you're paying for our "eye" and the images come to life back when we are at our desk. Each image we share is a reflection of our work, and we do not want our name associated with half-finished images. :) We hope you understand!

"Do you have suggestions on where to shoot?"

We keep a running list of wonderful places to shoot at. Keep in mind...the most important thing is not where we shoot, but finding a location where we can focus on you. As cliche as it sounds, it's about how we shoot. The most important thing is finding places with ideal, ample and even lighting, and it always helps to have different textures and backdrops for some variety. For example, instead of just an ocean as your backdrop, you would get  lot more variety with a beach setting where you have the water, trails, trees, or infrastructure. The infrastructure also helps us dodge really harsh sunlight as well. Of course, wherever it is that you want us shoot at, we can make it work!

"Do you do video?"

Sometimes, but mostly, we outsource our video production. We have a list of great videographers who are very good at what they do, and we can certainly partner with them. Just let us know what you have in mind! We want to make sure we are capturing these important moments best we can, and with the best team possible!

"Do you have a studio?"

We currently do not offer our in home studio to the public. Maybe someday, we can have our own little space. However, we have several solutions~ If you're looking to shoot indoors, there are several places where we can get some great indoor photos. Some studios are available by the hour, and we have a list of our favorites. We can also come to your home and do an "in home" session, and bring in supplemental light when needed. Again, it's not where you shoot, but how we shoot! We can make any space work. :)

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